You want to deliver extraordinary services to your client.

Discover how to make your clients engage more fully and deeply with your service.

Besides your work culture, your services and how you engage your clients, beneficiaries or audience say a lot about your organization and greatly determines the kind of impact you will have.

Whether it’s a training program, event, intervention, campaign, booklet, toolkit, workshop or conference, we work with you to transform your service and infuse it with a spirit of immersive participation and inspiration. In other words, we help you play-giarise your product or service.

What is play-giarism?

To play-giarise is to take your product or service content and, through using the art and science of play, revitalize the way your client or audience experiences that content to make it more dynamic, joyful, thought-provoking and engaging.

Our participatory co-constructive approach will empower your team to carry the torch of playful innovation into their future endeavors and experiment with fresh bold ideas when faced with uncertainty and challenge. That’s what we believe a play spirit can achieve.