Meet The Punnovator!

Co-founder at L3b, Naila got her nickname for playing on words and concepts to create innovative ideas and solutions for challenges around her. Naila is an educator, facilitator, and TEDx speaker. She has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and a Teaching Diploma from the Lebanese American University. She works in the fields of film and theater as an actress, assistant director, special effects makeup artist, and costume designer. She is a sign language interpreter and an advocate for Deaf people’s rights.

Naila has experience in organizing conferences and facilitating drama and play workshops. As a trainer, Naila has facilitated workshops for educators, managers, social workers as well as diverse teams on topics such as leadership, creative thinking, playfulness and communication skills to name a few. She utilizes her insights on team dynamics, human values and the art of communication to gain a holistic view of groups at work.

She enjoys sewing clothes and creating natural cosmetics in her spare time.