Meet The Weaver!

Co-founder at L3b, Sara got her nickname for making unlikely connections and searching for new meaning. Sara is an educator, facilitator, poet, and TEDx Ambassador, curator and speaker. After completing her MSc in Comparative and International Education at the University of Oxford in 2011, she worked at Wellspring Learning Community for 6 years in different capacities including as an IB drama teacher and service learning coordinator. She also worked at AltCity, currently known as Pitchworthy, organizing events, workshops and hackathons around entrepreneurship, tech, and design. 

In her own time, she facilitated workshops for professionals around group wisdom and dynamics, empowered decision-making and conflict transformation based on Deep Democracy– the Lewis Method. In 2017, she went on to co-found L3b where she continues to draw on Deep Democracy practices after completing her 4-level facilitation training. 

She co-founded the poetry and music collectives the Soapbox and Raw Voices, and the biannual competition Beirut Poetry Slam. In the spirit of building communities of learning, she currently hosts the monthly TEDxHamra Salon.