You want your work culture to be extraordinary

To bring out the extraordinary in people working together, it is crucial to develop and maintain a vibrant organizational culture.

Organizational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, customs, values, spoken and unspoken rules, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique psychological and social environment of an organization.

There may be a number of reasons why your organization hasn’t reached its full potential yet:

  • Your team does not clearly see the vision your organization is striving towards or their role in realizing it.
  • They do not fully understand or have not yet internalized your organization’s core values.
  • The way your team members interact often leads to a lot of tension that stifles communication, learning, growth and productivity.
  • Or it could be all or none of the above.

Find out what’s holding your team back

Diagnostic Assessment: no superficial scores, only deep insights

Discover where your team is, what the current unspoken game rules are and how this is blocking them from reaching their full potential.

We use research-driven, play-based assessment tools to pinpoint the real issues your team is currently facing and provide a detailed report with recommendations on steps forward for both the managerial and team level.

To identify challenges and unleveraged strengths, we use diverse interactive methods including individual and focus-group interviews, team assessment games, and individual surveys.

Take steps to develop a more vibrant and human-centered organizational culture

  1. Formulate a vision: we help you develop a clear vision that provides the intention and direction for future organizational culture change through a highly interactive and collaborative process.
  2. Ensure top-management commitment: top managers are the change agents in this culture transformation process and are important communicators and role models of desired values. We facilitate buy-in and commitment of top and middle management to the new vision through coaching and training.
  3. Modify organizational structures to support change: to better align your staff with your new vision for your organizational culture, we help you put in place the necessary policies and structures that facilitate this transformation.
  4. Turn this vision into practice: we provide training for employees to help them gain ownership of the new vision, values and systems and translate them into practice. This ensures your new work culture becomes deeply embedded in the very fabric of your organization – its beliefs, norms and modes of interaction.
  5. Keep it visible: we help you design and launch a sustainable inclusive internal campaign that spreads and reinforces your organization’s new culture.