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Our Vision

L3b is dedicated to leveraging the power of play to unlock human potential for creativity and innovation in all stages of life. We envision a future in which play enables individuals and groups, businesses, and organizations to create transformative change in their individual, family, community and professional lives. 

How It Plays Out

At L3b, we utilize research and expertise on play to innovate projects, interventions, networks and resources. We draw on a variety of creative approaches and strategies in our personalized design of short-term projects or long-term programs to help individuals and groups make their work and life experiences more fulfilling, impactful and fun!

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Play With Us

We seriously play with organizations and businesses to create a play ethic at work by enhancing group dynamics and building team capacity in active communication, decision-making, innovation, and conflict transformation. Throughout this process, participants develop empathy, creativity, resilience, flexibility and adaptability.

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