The Assassin - السّفّاح


This game is excellent for empowering the quiet or introverted group members.

Instructions: The facilitator stands in the middle of the circle and asks all players to turn their backs. They are all accused of being an assassin, but only one of them actually is! The facilitator taps the chosen assassin on their back without anyone noticing, and then asks the whole group to walk around the space. 

The assassin has one mission, to secretly wink at players one by one and sentence them to a dramatic death. The person who was assassinated has to wait for 5 seconds then die dramatically taking as much time and attention as s/he needs.
Other players need to figure out who the assassin is. If they suspect someone, they can whisper the assassin’s name to the facilitator. In both cases, if they were right or wrong, they step out of the game. 

Talking Behind Your Back - من ورا ضهرك


This game can help your team create a better connection with one another, and increase their sense of appreciation for being a member of this team.


Instructions: The facilitator asks the participants to write their name in the corner of an A4 paper, and then he sticks it on their backs with the clear side facing outwards. The group is asked to walk around the room, exchange eye-contact and smiles. A few seconds later, the facilitator asks the group to walk up to a person’s back, and write one positive word that describes this person. Once everyone gets the chance to write on each-others’ backs, the facilitator collects the papers, lays them down on a table as they were on the participants’ backs, and asks the group members to come up and pick the paper which they think belongs to them only by looking at the adjectives written on it. Allow those who took someone else’s paper to express why they chose this paper, and express how they feel about what’s on their real paper.

Tip: Use pencils for writing the names, and markers for writing adjectives. Gaffer tape sticks the best!

Open the Fist - إفتح القبضة


 This game is great for a quick mental warm-up and can give insight into the personalities in the group. Try this at work to help the team open up before a brainstorming meeting, or in the classroom before tackling a problem.

Instructions: A volunteer participant sits facing the rest of the group with one of his/her fists closed on the table in front of him/her. The participants need to try, one by one, to open the closed fist. The one who succeeds takes the role of the person with the closed fist.
Tip: If you are facilitating, try hinting after a few trials that force isn't the only way to go!
Some groups might surprise you and not use force at all. 

Counting Group - عدّ المجموعة


 This game was used by a playmate teacher in her classroom. Her students played it enough to be able to participate and ask questions without raising hands or interrupting one other!

Instructions:The group sits in a circle with their eyes closed. The facilitator asks the group to count to 10 one person at a time without prior planning. If two people say the same number simultaneously, the counting restarts from 1.

The number to be reached as a group can go up to 20 or more depending on how sensitive the group’s listening is to each-other.
Tip: Remember to breathe! 


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