Naila the Punnovator


 Naila was granted a full scholarship to study Early Childhood Education as well as a Teaching Diploma at the Lebanese American University. Throughout her studies, she found interest in the fields of filmmaking, theater, and arts and hence spent her free time learning to become an actress, assistant director, special effects makeup artist, art director, costume designer and painter.  She combined her love for theater and arts with her studies in education to do her capstone research titled "Drama in Teacher Education Programs" which was granted the best senior study award. She graduated in 2015 and joined passions with Mahmoud, Sara and Rawya to co-found L3b. Naila is known as the punnovator for playing on words and concepts to create innovative ideas and solutions for challenges around her. She also teaches special effects makeup, facilitates drama and play workshops, and works in the film, TV and theater industries. She also enjoys sewing clothes and creating natural cosmetics.