How can we play with you?

Develop your organizational identity and culture


Through our bespoke programs, we invite your team to create their own tribal culture at work which includes:

Team narrative, play rituals, company's totem and emblem, conflict transformation Hakas, and rites of passage. 

Playgiarize your programs, curricula and events


We co-construct  with you a playful program and infuse the spirit of play into your planned events such as:

Training programs, curricula, toolkits, incubation and accelerator programs, bootcamps, retreats, conferences, workshops, or launchings. 

Identify your company's pain points and strengths


 We create tailored play experiences combined with reliable assessment tools to give you insight into:

Team satisfaction and needs, workplace playfulness, work engagement, individual and group creativity, psychological safety at work, and group dynamics and roles.

Build your team's capacity and skills


 Through deeply immersive play workshops, your team will enhance the following skills:

Public speaking, pitching and presentation, facilitation and mediation, communication and conflict transformation, problem solving and decision making, leadership and collaboration, creativity, innovation and risk taking, flexibility, adaptability and resilience.

Plan your play encounter

Our team is always ready to help you assess your timeline, space and resources.

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Better yet, let's meet up!

We would love to meet with you to plan and brainstorm our play encounters! Give us a call to book a meeting.

L3b - لَعِبْ

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We are always eager to play!